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Internet Sales Machine Review

Creating An Excellent Product In 48 Hours

If you have never made a single sale online before, you may want to learn my 1 hour to passive income formula (free 46 min video).

However, if you have been in internet marketing for quite some time and you are looking to dramatically improve your success, let’s discuss a very simple and proven technique that has been effectively implemented by all the big IM guys time and time again:

Edmund Loh claims he can show you exactly how to avoid the redundant nightmare of product creation for making a passive income on ClickBank (or other digital product marketplaces).

He also seems to have found a hidden technique that allowed him to boost profitability up to five times with a proven marketing strategy – a sales funnel.

Success online, and a sustainable passive income, is not gained by creating and marketing one single product. You might think that creating one product is hard enough, but with Edmund Loh’s ISM, he shows you how you can break up your one core idea into multiple smaller products. This host of smaller products can then be marketed much more effectively with what is called a sales funnel.

How Sales Funnels Convert Better

If you have an idea for a product, you may want to consider turning it into several related products and market them with a sales funnel. Rather than offering your entire system or solution at once, you offer them in successive steps to ensure a higher success rate in capturing quality leads.

You should start with perhaps a free offer (like an e-book or video series) that the visitors can claim when they fill out there name and email. On the thank you page, you then offer them the next introductory offer for a small price. When they purchase that product, they show that they are an even more qualifying lead, and you can then market your next higher-priced product to them on the next thank you/download page.

However, if it anytime after capturing the lead they turn down your next offer the first time, you now have their email address to market your next offer to them with a different approach.

It has been said that the magic number for how many emails it takes to successfully generate a sale is seven. So imagine how much money you are leaving on the table if you create one big product and offer it for sale on your website without capturing a lead. When that visitor comes to your site and is sticker-shocked and leaves, that lead has just completely evaporated (perhaps forever).

Rather than trying to figure out the entire process of developing a successful sales funnel on your own or the best way to create products, Edmund Loh has created a template system that allows you to do this in 48 hours.

Although Loh is a reputable marketer with tons of proven success online, we had to check out the proof ourselves. Here is just one simple snapshot of what his system can do:

If you would like more information on how this system works exactly, you can check it out here:

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Internet Sales Machine Review & Passive Income Bonus

Internet Sales Machine is not for everyone, and I hope to show you exactly what I mean in this 46 minute video review. Not only that, I am going to share with you (in the video and the bonus) my “secret sauce” that eludes 98% of people who try but fail to ever make any money online. It provides the same methods I use to start getting traffic in one hour and how to make you first affiliate commission in one week! This is not a get rich quick scam, so if you are looking for magic push-button software that generates a thousand dollars per day starting tomorrow, you won’t find it here (nor anywhere else).

Please NoteNOTE: This video isn’t really trying to sell you anything but rather help you make a decision regarding your current position (newbie or experienced marketer).

If you have already made some money online, then you will enjoy this Internet Sales Machine review even more because this is possibly the most unbiased examination out of all ISM reviews. The video below isn’t 46 minutes for nothing!

Is Internet Sales Machine Really Right For You?

(Chances are… it’s not… Please watch)

Get Internet Sales Machine and Bonus!

As seen in the video, if you are still new to internet marketing and have failed to make any affiliate sales thus far, Internet Sales Machine may be a bit of a stretch for you at this point in time. If you need to take your time with learning the ropes, I suggest you take advantage of some free advice and free tools. Please refer to:


Sales Funnel Templates To Boost Profits 5x With Same Traffic

sales-funnelEdmund Loh is a reputable internet marketer, but he did not design Internet Sales Machine for newbies (although with my bonus package it works well together for the ambitious). It is a system of sales funnel templates and other tools to streamline your profit-getting process on your small, niche websites.

If you have been around the block, you know how a sales funnel can dramatically increase your passive profits in the internet marketing world. The ones Edmund Loh has designed are proven to boost revenue as much as 1500%, but on average, you can expect five times more online sales.

The video above explains how a sales funnel works, but the concept is very simple. Once your visitor has opted in for a free download or purchased your initial product, you offer them a second product of higher price on your “Thank You”/download page. When the customer opts for that product as well, you go to your next highest price product, and so on.

If you’ve been somewhat successful in internet marketing, Edmund Loh’s ISM can certain help you maximize efficiency and profitability.

However… If you are someone who is serious about doing things right from the start and wanting to earn as great a passive income as possible then Internet Sales Machine is only for you if you get my free bonus.

Internet Sales Machine Review: It’s Not For Everyone

Hey guys, Jeroen again here to shed a little light on Edmund Loh’s Internet Sales Machine.

Check out the official site here

If you are brand new to making money online, you may want to know a bit more about what exactly this system is all about. The fact is, it isn’t for everyone.

Although Edmund Loh is a reputable internet marketer who walks the walk, he hasn’t designed Internet Sales Machine particularly for the new guys on the block. This type of system is very different. If you have never made a single penny online before, I’d recommend you check this out instead.

Who Is Internet Sales Machine For?

If you’ve made a few affiliate sales online before but you haven’t quite been able to buy that brand new Ferrari yet, it is most likely because you are expecting it requires a TON of traffic and having your own products.

Well… those things certainly help, but you don’t just make those things appear out of thin air.

By now, you’re hopefully aware of the fact that there is no such thing as a magic push-button software that gets you rich in three clicks (like many scams and hyped-up “guru” products claim).

Internet Sales Machine is designed for the online marketer that wants to be able to squeeze much, much higher profits from their existing commission campaigns.

Rather than having your internet empire growing at a snail’s pace, the power of Edmund’s sales funnel system can help juice up your income to represent something more along the lines of what you had envisioned when starting out.

If you’ve got a few dozen websites going with some traffic volume and you have made the occasional sale in the past, the best way to jack up your sales is to offer more than just that one product.

Edmund’s sales funnel system has been tested and tweaked for years, and he’s been able to maximize his profits attracting the right traffic and matching them up with the right products. The key is to become a matchmaker. However, Internet Sales Machine shows you how to become a successful matchmaker where visitors buy multiple upsells rather than just the initial product.

Check out the official site here

Stay tuned for more details on how exactly it works.

Who Is Edmund Loh? Video Interview

Welcome To Internet Sales Machine Reviews!

Internet Sales Machine is a passive income system brought to you by Edmund Loh, and it is due to launch January 15, 2013. My name is Jeroen Waning, and I will be conducting a full and in-depth review as I pick apart this course when it becomes available on ClickBank for purchase.

If it is any good and I actually make any money using Edmund’s techniques, I will happily share my results. I will then also share with you my bonus package that I have already put together of other ways to create a passive income (including exclusive software and training).

On the flip side, if this product ends up being a scam (and I am not yet familiar with Edmund Loh myself as of currently), I will be the first to warn you and steer you in the right direction. I have reviewed many products in the past, few or which actually work when it comes to making money online, but there is one that works for me for certain. I will be happy to share that product instead if the need arises.

Thanks for stopping by so soon, but don’t forget to come back after ISM is released! Happy new year :)

See you soon,